Predicting Every NFL Team’s Starting QBs in 2019


  1. New England- Tom Brady
  2. New York Jets- Sam Darnold
  3. Buffalo- Josh Allen
  4. Cleveland- Baker Mayfield
  5. Baltimore- Lamar Jackson
  6. Houston- Deshaun Watson
  7. Indianapolis- Andrew Luck
  8. Kansa City- Pat Mahomes
  9. LA Chargers- Phillip Rivers
  10. Dallas- Dak Prescott
  11. Chicago- Mitch Trubisky
  12. Minnesota- Kirk Cousins
  13. Green Bay- Aaron Rodgers
  14. New Orleans- Drew Brees
  15. Atlanta- Matt Ryan
  16. Carolina- Cam Newton
  17. LA Rams- Jared Goff
  18. Seattle- Russell Wilson
  19. San Francisco- Jimmy Garoppolo

Analysis: Second-year quarterbacks Sam Darnold, Josh Allen, Baker Mayfield, and Lamar Jackson are all locks to begin their second season behind center after living up to high expectations (Sam Darnold, Baker Mayfield) or flashing a lot of talent (Lamar Jackson, Josh Allen) in year-one. The lone first-round quarterback from the 2018 draft that I’m leaving off of the lock list is Josh Rosen, who is very likely to be the quarterback for new coach Kliff Kingsbury but some uncertainty still remains. Veterans Tom Brady, Drew Brees, and Phillip Rivers all performed at high levels, and I don’t see any of them retiring before next season. Garoppolo (injured) and Cousins left a lot to be desired given their massive contracts, but they aren’t going anywhere.

Highly Likely:

  1. Tennessee- Marcus Mariota
  2. Pittsburgh- Ben Roethlisberger
  3. Oakland- Derek Carr
  4. Philadelphia- Carson Wentz
  5. Detroit- Matt Stafford
  6. Tampa Bay- Jameis Winston
  7. Arizona- Josh Rosen

Analysis: Ben Roethlisberger is almost a guarantee to be the Steeler’s starter next season, but he goes in the highly likely category after flirting with retirement the past two offseasons. Stafford has been at the helm of some incredibly mediocre Lions teams his entire career, but I don’t see the Lions moving on from him. Mariota and Carr have struggled with injuries and performance, but they likely aren’t going anywhere. Although Raiders coach Jon Gruden might want to find and groom his own quarterback, I think the Raiders stick with Carr. I’m very interested to see if Bruce Arians, who worked wonders with Carson Palmer in Arizona, can limit Jameis Winston’s turnovers like he did with Palmer and turn him into a pro-bowl caliber quarterback again. The Eagles have publicly stated that Wentz is their quarterback, but given the play of Nick Foles (who I think will be somewhere else next season) the last two years in crunch time, I can’t put him in the lock column.

The Rest:

  1. Miami- Teddy Bridgewater/ Nick Foles/ Kyler Murray
  2. Cincinnati- Andy Dalton/ Daniel Jones/ Ryan Tannehill
  3. Jacksonville- Dwayne Haskins/ Nick Foles/ Drew Lock
  4. Denver- Joe Flacco/ Nick Foles/ Drew Lock
  5. New York Giants- Andy Dalton/ Eli Manning/ Nick Foles
  6. Washington Redskins- Kyler Murray/ Daniel Jones

Analysis: I think Miami finally moves on from Ryan Tannehill this offseason, and unless they get Kyler Murray, they are going to find a stopgap quarterback and draft their quarterback of the future in 2020. I think South Florida native Teddy Bridgewater makes sense to sign to a two-year deal with the second season being a team option. Bridgewater looked pretty good in the preseason after coming back from such a gruesome injury that almost cost him his leg. Nick Foles is also a possible option in Miami. I also think that Cincinnati moves on from Andy Dalton this offseason. While I’m not high on him, Daniel Jones, who NFL teams view as a possible first rounder, might be the pick to replace Dalton. If the Bengals do move on from Dalton, I can see them signing Ryan Tannehill to lead the team while Daniel Jones takes a year to develop. Jacksonville desperately needs a new quarterback, and with GM Dave Caldwell’s and Head Coach Doug Marrone’s jobs on the line after an incredibly frustrating season with QB Blake Bortles, I think the Jags move up in the draft to select Dwayne Haskins. The Jaguars have such a good defense and if 2017 proved anything, it’s that the Jaguars defense is so good that they just need a moderately effective offense to go deep into the season. Denver GM and Team President John Elway has also struggled to find his quarterback out in Mile High. I think that John Elway is going to fall in love with Missouri QB Drew Lock and do what he can to take him in this upcoming draft. The team might also bring in a proven veteran QB such as Joe Flacco or even Nick Foles to give Lock some competition. The Giants are in an interesting situation after being reluctant to move on from two-time Super Bowl Champion Eli Manning. Similar to the Dolphins, I can see the Giants waiting until 2020 to find their future quarterback and playing with a stopgap quarterback in 2019. Andy Dalton is a possible option if the Bengals chose to move on from him, and I can see the Giants possibly being in the Nick Foles sweepstakes. The Redskins are going to need a new quarterback next season after Alex Smith suffered a gruesome leg injury, and I can see them moving up to take Heisman Trophy winner Kyler Murray in the 2019 NFL Draft. If they fall in love with Murray, I think they are going to have to move in front of the Dolphins to select him. Daniel Jones is a possible option if Murray is off the board.

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