Why Kawhi’s Jersey will be the Next McGrady/ Carter Jersey…..If he Leaves.

Board Man Gets Jersey Sales!

if you are a 20 year-old guy, there is almost nothing cooler than owning a retro basketball jersey. Go to any jersey party, and two jerseys you are likely to see are Tracy McGrady and Vince Carter throwback Raptors Jerseys. In 5-10 years that jersey will be a Kawhi Leonard’s “We The North” Raptor’s Jersey….. but only if he leaves Toronto.

For now Kawhi Leonard is celebrating his second NBA Championship after leading the Raptors over the Warriors, but he will soon have a very important decision in Free Agency. Does Kawhi “AKA Klaw, AKA Board Man” re-sign with Toronto, or does he opt to return home to L.A., or possibly even join another big market team? If Kawhi does opt to leave, you should get a hold of his Raptors’ jersey as soon as possible. There are usually three criteria for a jersey to become retro; the player was outspoken; the player was a superstar; or the jersey has a ridiculous design. However, a player carrying his team to its first championship in franchise history and then leaving screams “Must Buy Retro Jersey!”. The role superstar rap artist and Toronto native Drake played during the Raptors’ championship run and Kawhi being one of the quietest players (along with his creepy laugh) in the NBA adds extra value to his future retro jersey.

After being the player that possibly ended the Warriors’ dynasty, Kawhi has become a hero and his jerseys is set to jump off racks. Go ahead and buy a Raptors’ Leonard Jersey now so that you can claim that “I had a retro Kawhi Jersey before it was even retro” to all of your friends. While you are at it, go ahead and get a Kawactus as well.

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